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Your unique identity

Your brand is more than your logo, or your visual identity. Your brand is your voice, your story – and it’s how every detail of your business makes your clients feel.

We work with you to grow your brand to the capacity that you decide. While we can do extensive branding we can also do simple branding with logos if that is what you are looking for.

Pricing for branding depends on what your needs are. Contact me directly to discuss your branding needs and get an estimate for your unique branding project.

Our Logo Process

#1 - Let's Meet

I’d love to speak with you on the phone or on Zoom to discuss your logo needs and wants.

Please note that a 50% Deposit is required to book a project.

#2 - Logo Client Brief

In this step you will fill out an online Client Brief which ask pertinent information about your company and helps me understand your target market, the aestetics you’d like to see in your logo, and more.

#3 - Market Research

We do in-depth research into your market to find out who your competitors are and how to make you stand out among them.

#4 - Logo Design

We begin with 3 to 5 logo design concepts that are tailored to capture your unique business and niche.

#5 - Wordmark Design

If you require a Wordmark logo (without the logo imagery) I will take the text from your logo to create your Wordmark Logo.

#6 - Brandmark Design

If you require a Brandmark Logo (imagery only) I will take the imagery from your logo to create your Brandmark Logo.

#7 - Approval

Once you have approved all versions of your logo I will then create all the different versions that you will need for print and digital use in different file formats.


#8 - Add Ons

Please note that if your logo requires the TM (Trademark) Icon or R (Registered) icon there is an additional charge of $100 per logo set added to your final amount due.


#9 - Get Logo Files

Congratulations! Your logo package has been completed and is now ready to share with the world!

Please note that the remaining 50% (balance due) is required prior to release of final logo files.

Logo FAQ’s

Here are some of our most frequently asked questions and answers.

How much does a logo cost?

Our basic Logo Package starts at $300.

Is there an extra charge if my Logo is Trademarked or Registered?

Yes, there is an additional charge of $100 to add R or TM to each logo set.


I will provice native AI, EPS, PDF, JPG, PNG, SVG for both Print (CMYK) & Digital (RGB) use.

Recent Work

Kelly Teasdale Photography
Kelly Teasdale Photography